Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-10-10 02:47:16 (UTC)

Just dial 9-1-1...

"That's the number to call in an emergency." That song has
been stuck in my head all day. But hey, if it's been
drilled into my brain.. it's been drilled into the kids'
brains so.. that's a plus.

The fire truck (and it's crew of course. haha) came to
visit us today. The kids loved it. They watched a fun video
that drills things into thier heads.. like, "stop drop and
roll" and "dial 9-1-1". But, the phrase they learned that
they just wouldn't stop saying.. ALL day long?? "Don't
hide. Go outside." haha:) It was cute.

Guess how long I worked today? 9 1/2 hours.. was I supposed
to? No. But, what else is new?

I had "Child Abuse" training tonight. Our assignment: Do
research and help put together a "Child Abuse Training
Curriculum" Yeah yeah.. sure. Just as long as I dont have
to sit there for 3 hours.

I gave Kathy the dates that I'm going to be gone to Harding
and Freed. Shew. What a relief. That's ONE thing that I can
cross off my list.

We had Chili for supper tonight. Mmmm. I love my mom's
chili. She fixes the best.

Amy called me tonight. Her phone card decided to commit
suicide in the middle of our convo tho :) Everything's cool
with us now.. so thats good..

Big news of the day: I got the Linkin Park Cd. Yay:)