Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2011-01-31 14:40:47 (UTC)

apotheosizing dissonance

When you ask for respect you are given it, until you prove unworthy of
such. When you demand respect, I will rage against and upon you with a
fury borne of hatred. You walk through life long enough, and you see all
kinds of things, hear all kinds of things, and witness countless
transgressions against others, sometimes they go beyond the pale of
acceptability. I am certainly not immune to such things, and I've been
the culprit in many atrocities of trust, truth, responsibility and while
some may say I've no leg to stand on, I disagree. I'm trying to be a
better person, and there's a line you just don't cross, but people do
it, and expect to be rewarded, or lauded for their actions, and simply
go on through life in their own little bubble ignorant of others as they
trod over another's path.

My roommate, my ex-roommate, my old boss, all three perfect examples of
people who's lack of respect for anyone else, my own personal self,
others, is something that should be railed against. To hold animosity
against them would be futile, as their incensed proclivities towards
self aggrandizement would be slowed impugned against and with a shocking
alacrity they would foist up "the wounded and aggrieved" stances they've
perfected over the years. I for one, have no stomach to deal with such
bizarre and pitiful creatures anymore, nor should I have to. but, as it
is, such is life.