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2011-01-30 22:05:35 (UTC)

I have to take care of some paperwork

No messing around now. I have about 300K in life insurance. I still
have it in the Ex's name. I was lazy but I will make changes this
week. I will give 60K to my sis. She will do the same just in case she
goes first.
40K will be going to my good friend that was my lifeline when I first
found out the ex was fooling around on me. She answered my many calls
when I was going nuts when I first found out about my ex doing all
those bad things. I told her to make sure she buries my butt and she
can keep the rest.
The other 200K I will give to her too but to put it in some investment
for the time being until the two kids turn 21. Then she can give it to

I should have done this sooner but was too busy with other stupid things.

It would have been cool to see the Ex's eyes when she finds out she
gets nothing from me when I die. lol