The Real Me
2011-01-30 22:05:27 (UTC)

Insecurity sucks =(

Ok so I got a player but how the hell do I keep him? actually
rather paranoid...our conversations are becoming dull. I think im over
analyzing our entire relationship...and its been what 3 WEEKS?! oh dear.

Hawww...this is going down the drain...its horrible. what do i
do?...shall i give up and just break up with him before I get attached
hurt and he dumps me. *sigh* I wish for a while I could just be
happy..its been a while since I have...and worried.

I mean I was happy I still am..he makes me happy when Im around him
etc..but i feel like he cant be bothered with me at the moment. I dont
want to lose him? Is that so much to ask for...maybe im being
clingy...or obbsessive or whatever? but he doesnt exactly know that.

Might aswel hope new ep of desperate housewives is on that will make me
feel a whole lot better...and maybe tuck into a takeaway...ahh =)