Experienced Life
2011-01-29 09:40:01 (UTC)

Got another email from my favorite Ex Psycho

I got an email from the ex:
"just to let you know we have another funeral."

Funny, she did mail me several weeks ago that she had to go to a
funeral. I asked who passed away and she didn't reply. Thinking back,
she always does this. Many times, she wouldn't pick up my phone call,
never reply to my emails, never answer my questions.
For example, when she emailed me that someone passed away a couple of
weeks ago, I asked who died. She never responded. I think I asked at
least a couple of times.

Today, she sends this email. I just think it's sad. It's sad that it
isn't her instead because she was alive to send me the email in the
first place. lol

I responded to her that I won't play 20 questions. I did tell her that
I am tired of the shitty way she communicated with me all this time. I
again told her I don't need that and don't want her to communicate
with her anymore.

Anyway, looks like my avenging angels are at work. Sucks to be her.

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