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2011-01-28 22:42:52 (UTC)

Received Email from the Psycho Ex

Email from ex:
"when you want to talk to me you know where i work hope you are ok."

My response:
" Don't worry, I will never bother you at work or anywhere else again.
If we see each other by accident, turn around and walk the other way.
I will do the same.

Please let me live my life in peace. Go live your life, I will do the
same. We don't need to speak or email each other anymore. Your
life is with Dxxxxxd and the kids now. Make it grow and have a happy

I will be fine. I am finally ready to start a new life. So we are now
both ok. bye"

A few hours later, she actually called. After all this time I was
trying to call her, she calls me when she now knows I've ended the
game she's playing. It got too old. Didn't even answer the phone.

I still got her boyfriend's email from 2008 when he first told me I
wasn't the bio dad of the boy. If she sends me anymore emails, I will
keep some of them and when it piles up a little, I will send it to
him. I already know she will be saying bullshit stuff like "I love
you", "I miss you, blah blah blah". After she sends me some of this, I
will forward all of them to him. lol. That should stop her emails.

I suppose to hear from that woman I asked out. Hopefully she calls or
emails me so we can have lunch or something.

More to follow tomorrow

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