2011-01-28 23:25:07 (UTC)


Talking to Juan Q. Reminds me of an old classmate I used to talk to
all the time. Yeah, he reminds of my old school. Things happened
pretty quickly. Found out that Javier was smoking, and a lot of shit
just started. Was it always this way at Linne? At least I found new
friends. I was beginning to think Jonathon B. would hate me, when he
actually acknowledged I existed.

Juan Q. is such a bastard.

Anyways, I kinda forgot about Juan today. My baaaad.
Things were going so smoothly at Destiny's, being that Javier was
smoking, and Jonathon and Emily were going through that crap again
that they always do.

At least, Louis was a good friend. He almost fell asleep in the slow.
Then he screamed at a woman in who lives a floor under him.

What a crazy dumbass. I love Louis.

Spent like 3 hours trying to fix my Internet, only to see my dad put
in a new cord and make everything work again. I wonder if Jonathon B.
actually does think of me as his friend.
My fingers are getting tired.

I wish there was someone to talk to at 2 in the morning.
Now I know how Juan Q. feels.
There's people besides Jonathon B. that I want to meet. Well, only 2
people to be exact. For some reason, I want to meet Edgar, and Oscar.
I've heard their voices and I've even talked to Oscar, but we haven't
met anywhere else.

I saw him at Brands once with Luis, while I was hanging out with Louis
and Javier. I didn't know Javi could change like that. Anyways, Luis
brought one of his Spanish friends that I know doesn't go to Linne,
because he looks like an old pedo. Damn.

God gave me an opportunity to meet Oscar while he was with Luis.
I fail. So bad.
I'mma say goodbye to my journal for now.
There's been enough drama. Sigh.