Experienced Life
2011-01-27 21:17:16 (UTC)

Ex goes Psycho.... again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the ex is fucking certifiable. After all the fun the kids and I
had last weekend, she freaked out last Monday. She was so pissed!! She
even said she would change the boy's last name. Apparently, the kids
had a lot of fun and just told my ex all that happened.

I recall the ex saying that I shouldn't ask the kids any questions. I
didn't but this does not apply to her. How silly of me to think so.

Before I knew she was pissed, I asked if I could have the kids again
this weekend. She replied that I was suppose to be alone with them and
that if I don't want to spend any time with them, why bother letting
me have more time with the kids? The actual email is posted below.

"all you do spent time with your bitch friends but not my kids if
there is mo time on your side is use less "

To translate, it means that I just spent time with my bitch friends
and not the kids. If she gives me more time with the kids, it would be
a waste of time.

Apparently, I must have fucked all the women when we were up in the
snow. Then on Sunday, when I had a play date with a Male parent with
two kids and a Female parent with one child, I must have fucked them too.

We slung emails back and forth. We even talked about our past and how
we broke up. Again, it was my fault that she fooled around of course.
I just told her that I did some things that needed work but never
betrayed her with adultery. She just said that she committed adultery
because I was spending time with my friends. I still scratch my head
whenever she says that. I don't fuck my friends and she did.

Anyway, after we exchanged the bullshit emails, I finally told her
that I had enough. I forgave here when she had her first affair(wtf?).
I forgave her for the 8yr old (bio dad from someone else). I forgave
her for the 5 yr old (bio dad from the same guy). I forgave her for
having a second affair several more times for her coming back and going to
him again. I think I had enough forgiving for a lifetime. But this... this
is too fucking unforgivable.

She is now not going to let me hang with the kids. The kids love me
and they were sad when had to go back home and already wanted to go
back to me. Funny how she thinks what I do is wrong yet she is living
with a guy that once threatened to hurt the kids if she didn't leave me.

Anyway, I told her that this is the most evil thing anyone ever told
me and that if she does this, not only will I forget her but I will
hate her. She and I don't have anything in common anymore and this is
what breaks the camels back. She sensed my seriousness and tried to
throw that curve ball at me. You know, the one that says it still
hurts that she left me. Yeah right. Don't work anymore. Told her she
was full of it and it's not working anymore.

I am done with her. No more talking. No more emails if she cuts me off
with the kids. I should have listened to my Diary pal Michelle. She
told me to walk away from all of this. I had to be a dumb ass and give
this a trial bases. I should have known that the ex is a psycho
fucking bitch that would never let me have any peace. I hope my
guardian/avenging angels visits her soon. grrrrrrr. lol

So, I said fuck it. If I'm going to do this, may as well go all out. I
asked this woman out. Don't know her too much but she's kinda cute and
I want to get to know her more. I think we will hook up this weekend
for lunch or dinner.

It would be nice to have dinner with someone (preferably female)
having a nice conversation and a little flirting. At least there
wouldn't be a hidden agenda of using and abusing me. I can't
wait!!!!!!! I know I know, relax.... don't be so anxious and let it
come to me..

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