2011-01-27 05:47:15 (UTC)

1/25 tue

-decided not to go work this week because i thought i would have to
get up early everyday to interview/train the new guy but since thang
introduced his friend Jody and i decided to try her out for a couple
of days
-stayed up until 5am the night before watching tv; office at 4pm;
rushed to finish pulling orders and made labels; stayed until 7
-went to jay's restaurant to drop of menu books and got the check; i
was happy but i think he maybe pissed off and didn't want be
friends--no biggie, i don't have guys' luck this year anyways
-Tai shang restaurant after for dinner at 9pm
-wanted to go foot massage but they closing
-came home; watched more D H; took a sleeping pill but didn't put me
to sleep as fast as the american pills did

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