2011-01-26 22:33:27 (UTC)

A Great Excuse

I relished extended hours with McDreamy today :D Although that's the
icing and cherry on top, I also enjoy working with everyone in the
clinic. Boots has also taken to mentoring me, which is great. I
feel like I'm learning a lot. Overall I feel very priveleged to
work with the whole team.

But back to McDreamy.
I think I've finally figured him out. He's not a dick. He's not a
snob. He's the macho goofball that sits there making outrageous and
random comments. It fits him pretty well; I love his sense of
humor. Bad news is that he's not on the market. Oh, and he also
knows I'm taken :/

>>>Didn't stop him from making several flirtatious comments @ me.

(Damn, I just noticed I don't have my ring on. My subconscious?)

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