The Real Me
2011-01-26 18:21:47 (UTC)


So Andy is content on ruining my life. As if i dont have enough
problems. How Do I get him out the picture? I have to create a scene. Or
manipulate T. How the hell am i gonna do that. I made a retarded mistake
of confiding in him about hw i feel about T at some point in my life god
I told him alot. Why did I ever trust him. And I know what hes like as
harmless as he looks hes a dik, he feeds poison into peoples minds. Ok I
feel guilty about ruining him first but I may have to do that, I have to
get rid of him, hes using sympathy to get to her. I have to turn
everyone against him even though I dont want to do this. I cannot trust
him...or get close to him again and he WILL ruin me I just dont know
when he will spill. Oh god am I worried. I guess I have to feed lies to
people. Thats the only way forward I may aswell start with M.

In regards to my life...the Gp recommende me to a psychologist....who
recommened me to a psychiatrist in a mental ward so i can get the right
"drugs and medication" I dont need drugs...i need someone to talk to and
let all these feelings out.