2011-01-25 23:04:08 (UTC)

My Pick-me-up :)

I've heard that bad luck runs in clusters of three. Well, the hubs
and I haven't been able to set up anything for his return. I ended
up getting sick this weekend; my throat was swollen shut! I spent
the whole day in bed. Then Nan ended up in the emergency room and
it turned out she needed surgery.

But things only seem to get better after these bad luck streaks.

Mentor happened to be working alongside McDreamy today, so I spent
most of my volunteer hours with my two favorite people. McDreamy
even had me tag along for a procedure, which was a first. O-M-G
seeing him play doctor was just too sexy! Again, it should be
criminal -drool-

Man, I wish I was single.
Then I'd be able to flirt away shamelessly.