Chunky munk311

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2001-10-10 02:40:49 (UTC)

Dinner a movie and a fight...

Tonight katie and i went on our 9th month thingy. It was
goin good real good till we got in the car after the movie
and some song she liked came on so she said "can i listen
to this song then i'll talk to you" i was like ok one song
no big deal. Then the next song she just says "sorry" and
turns it up. So i got pissed naturally cause i'm shallow
and the next song that came on happend to be nickleback and
i like them so i said sorry i'll talk to you after this.
Well then i felt like a complete asshole and when i got
home she didnt even tell me she loved me. I allways fuck
up on aniversarys. I wish she knew that it was just my
temper rairing up. One of these days i'll get it right but
i dunno tonight wasnt my night i suppose. Oh and her mom
didnt really think we were goin to a movie so she showed up
to the movie and called katie and was like you guys arent
here. Katie said we're in the mall and her mom just waited
for us and went to the movie and like sat a lil behind us
somewhere it was at school nothing happend
haha quote of the day "hey hey hey she's so pretty hey hey
hey i feel stupid....."reel big fish

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