Roshni Patel

Dear Diary
2011-01-21 19:22:07 (UTC)

Hi!Agains ;] (Fri 21st Jan 2011)

Hello "peeps" ;)

Voila,this is le entry diareé for Friday,the 21st of Jan 2011!!
Had a good day at school...History was,well boring as usual with a
crabby teacher*sigh*..then RE with the lovely Ms Black!shes sooo
nice ! then Science,borrrring!Then German!..which I hate anyhoo ;) ,
then Maths which was gr8 , was sitting with the wifeys Ria,Kripa and
Yasmine!Love xxx

Love from me,as usual!! xxxxxx hugs kisses xoxo.

Byeee (:
Roshni <3