The Flowing Fire
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2011-01-21 08:33:16 (UTC)


Registering Moksha tuns out to be harder than i expected. Why no
lawyers are good?? Is lying taught as part of their curriculum?? I
dont know if there is any good lawyer in the world or not, but i never

Actually i never had problems with bad people. Its really hard to
describe what bad means. One should think about himself, that is not
being bad. Being bad means u hinder some one else's work without any
need. Well if have the need, then it will fall under thinking about
yourself category isn't it? So, according to this, the lawyers are bad
people no doubt, cos they will hinder ur work needlessly jst to gain
maybe some more money from you. In my case, wow, they have stopped me
from taking further actions because they don;t have time for my case
now but do not want to let this one slip out of their hands. One finds
it hard to change lawyers whoever u are, well whoever u are except
damn rich people, for whom these brat lawyers work as slaves. I will
be rich soon, then we'll see who is the boss.

lets c what happens.. the day is far from over...

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