Roshni Patel

Dear Diary
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2011-01-20 16:46:31 (UTC)

Thursday 20th January 2011!

Hey ;)

Had a gr8 day today!!I hate German , but the work was easy and
intresting for once.Next was English,my teacher Ms Vazey is rly
nice,bless her :) > Then citizenship,was fun, and saarah and
piyula and naila just messed around,haha.Then PE...Mmm loved it!we did
these funny things like running over hurdles,and sir said I was good
at it :) .. then Science was a cool down?If I can call it that.I love
it cause' Im nexta ria and divya,and we sing and chat and have a right
laugh ;]]

Tomorrows Subjects are good too...and right now I'm drinking Tango :)

love yaa xx

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