Roshni Patel

Dear Diary
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2011-01-19 20:23:39 (UTC)

GCSE options evening today!

Had my GCSE options evening today.Boy,oh I was nervous,anxious,but
also very excited,I remember going to my brothers about 3 yrs ago and
thinking"Man I can't wait till it's my turn!"But now it's here I feel
kinda sad for a couple of reasons.Well , I should really introduce
myself.My names Roshni[Patel],I'm Kenyan,Ugandan Indian and I attend
KHS-Kingsbury High School.There's two sites T and K..I'm currently in
T and I've becomed so attached since yr7[im in yr9]that I don't ever
wan't to leave.In other words I love it.

I'm also pretty worried because of choices..I'm torn between a few
subjects and I don't wanna make the wrong decision.I know for definete
geography is suited for me over history,so that's sorted.I really want
to do a PE course,as it's my strongest and fav. subject.My teacher
makes it fun gr8 :)

So yeah,to try calm my inner mind I'm sitting here right now with some

Tomorrow>I talk about my morning,German and English .. the
heartwrenching stuff I learned in Citizenship and my hottiee PE
teacher and what happened in PE.Ft.Science!X

Love ya all.

Goodbye hunnieSz :) x