Dick's Story
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2011-01-18 17:02:47 (UTC)


today began normally as all workdays do. up at 0545 to take care of
the normal attempts to make myself presentable. take out the
garbage. put maggie in the backyard. tolu called to wave off his
pickup. good. i can leave a couple minutes late. put on the coffee
pot and made a piece of shepherd's bread peanut butter toast. sat
down with my coffee and toast to read the paper. on the back page,
nicole kidman claims to have become pregnant after swimming in a river
in australia. hey, who's to doubt a fox like her. prayed and aske
the lord to make this a day that is different than any other. caught
the 703 train. the usual suspects. talked to jay about a few minor
details in el cajon. worked on the material handling design for a
couple hours. finished the rough draft of the sop. went up on the
lab/office roof to put cor plas over angela's 8 foot skylight. left
for an el corazon run at 1130. stopped for the light at oceanside
blvd. i was heading west. the light turned red on my side. i made
the fatal mistake of assuming that the northbound traffic light was
also red. without looking to my left, i bolted out. to my horror, i
realized that a white truck that had come down the hill was rushing
toward me. i can't imagine what the driver thought. he didn't even
have time to brake. the difference between life and death was a
fraction of a second. it was so close that i wondered if i was even
still alive and perhaps extending my life after death as some
mysterious phantom apparition. i continued to run west to the el
corazon turnoff in this strange mental limbo. turning the corner and
heading up the grade, i waved at a trucker coming down. wondering if
he would wave back to confirm that i was still visible. he did. i
thanked god for delivering me from certain death. his grace and mercy
covered me and set my feet back into the land of the living