2011-01-18 02:23:12 (UTC)

Boring Day? 1-17-11

Dear Diary,
Well, Not much to write about. Besides that I woke up kind of late
because i went to sleep late the night before. Im going to go to sleep
earlier tonight. Which is soon.. Very soon. The day went by soo fast. I
can remember this morning, right when i got up i was thinking how long
the day was going to go. Expecially because of the Basketball and Dance
right after school. But they were canceled (because of the snow :)) lol.
Yep. i think thats just about it. I hung out with only one of my friends
today (suprisingly) and i just got home, thats why im writing so late
(8:19) Oh yeah. Theres this new boy at our school n hes in like all my
classes n he sits next 2 me in one of them rite.? So my friend kelsey
passes n makes a heart thingy with her hand.. WOAH. thats embarrising..
lol.. but my life has really sucked.. Like to the point where i wanna
cut myself.. i might just go do that now..? ://

Sincerely with love,

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