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2011-01-18 07:51:29 (UTC)

My weekend

So I had a great weekend, the best I have probably had in a long
time. Thursday was my birthday and my coworkers suprised me with a
cake, balloons and a gift. My friend from WI (yes a guy) sent me 34
roses in a vase that are absolutely beautiful and Friday night I had
a birthday get together and we met at a bowling alley and did Cosmic
Bowling. It was so much fun. I only had a small group of people
show up but it was perfect. The guy I have been interested in even
came and got me my favorite perfume for my birthday. We got along
great Friday night and Im just going to relax and go with the flow
(like my friend Amy says lol). I know he is planning on moving back
to NE to be with his grandma and family but honestly I dont care if
he's going to be here a week or a year longer, I like him and I
wanna spend time with him...I just hope he see's it that way.

Saturday was a girls day and after cleaning my mom, niece and my
friend Shauna went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and to watch the
rest of the KU game. Then we went shopping. Later the girls day
continuted with pajama night and card games as we listened to music
and had a couple drinks. It was alot of fun.

Sunday was a day to recoop lol...Like I said, best weekend I have
had in a long time and I love the friends that did make it out to my
party, it meant alot to me especially the way I have been feeling
the past couple of months.

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