Experienced Life
2011-01-16 22:50:31 (UTC)

Quiet night

Well, I went to the party last night. It was fine. Spent the night so
I didn't drive drunk. Anyway, it's all quiet now. No drama going on
and the ex isn't giving me any shit this weekend. I did get a snow
jacket from someone for the 5 yr old boy.

We played 7 card mao last night. Was pretty fun. Later, I spoke to
cutie. She asked if I told people about us. Not really much of
anything to say since there wasn't an "us". I did tell her that people
noticed some things and asked if I liked cutie. Couldn't lie and I
told them that I did. That was pretty much it.

I did ask her why she didn't want to start anything with me. I asked
if it was due to no spark, interest, etc? She told me a little. She
too had a difficult past and told me she wants to avoid repeating that
same thing again. You see, the last person she was with turned into a
skitzo. Don't know how to spell it but she didn't want to go through
that again.

I told her what if the only thing crazy about me is that I would only
be crazy about her? I know it's only beating a dead horse but I figure
I make sure.

Otherwise, it's all nice and quiet. Still wondering what's to come for
me this year.