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2011-01-17 01:59:30 (UTC)

1st entery 1-16-11

Dear Diary,
This is my first day writing and I hope I can continue writing. Umm..
well i just wanted to say that my mom died when i was 4 and i have been
stressed about it (although im 13) and i also have had this weird
feeling.. something somewhat like self pity. But yet when im sad it
seems like nobody cares. And it confuses me because when any of my
friends are sad (weather or not im best friends with them or i just met
them) im ALWAYS there. I really just dont know why they cant be there
until i cry. Cant they see the signs. I cry. I dont talk at times. I
tell them i havent been happy. I mean seriously. Are they not clear
enough? One of my friends are saying theyre dying just for attention.
Her rib i guess is "popped" out. Its been like this for like a month.
Shes gone to the doctor several times. I just think shes saying shes
dying for people to feel bad. Its obvious shes not. Its pretty
rediculous. Idk what to think of my life anymore. I dont know what im
living for.? :/

With Love,