2011-01-16 00:36:32 (UTC)

Black And White And Scent

He let me lay on top of him.
And lean my head on him.
And tell him things.
But why? Did he love me that greatly? I don't know why, but I kept
reaching for him to hug him every 2 minutes. Something just wanted me
too. My lips were on his neck but I didn't kiss him, and he just let me.
No, I mean not in the gay way. -.- This is so hard to explain. He knows
I'm straight too. And when he laid there, I hugged him and kept him
awake. What's attached me to him so badly? His scent's so warm and not
pungent at all. I touched his hair and sat close to him and watched
movies. Walked the dog and just simply had so much fun.

And he allowed me. He really does love and trust me.
It's like wanting to be with him forever as true love as brothers,
because around him something awakens that completes me, and I don't know
what it is.