Lifes A Lesson
2011-01-16 04:14:38 (UTC)

Easily Broken

John Sullivan promised me forever and that I was his soulmate. We
were dating for almost a year and I was foolish to believe that. I
don't know what happened or what I did but I guess I just put to
much on him, I never meant to. I loved him but I guess he just
needs space. He said we'd be back together one day again but I'm
not so sure. I wasn't with him when he said that so I couldn't tell
if he meant it or not.

So I'm going to write down everything I want to tell him instead of
texting him twenty-four seven and making him want to push me farther
away. Maybe one day he'll se this but until then its just what I
need to do.

My heart is shattered and I have no clue what to do, I want to talk
to him and try to work this out but, everytime I pick up my phone I
feel paralyzed.

Its true that I will miss his texts and touches but maybe this is
for the best. I have to be strong.

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