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2011-01-15 08:16:40 (UTC)

Snow day for kids next week

The Ex is letting me have the kids next weekend. That's cool because
my group is going to Blizzard mountain in Tahoe and there will be a
bunch of people going. It's a cool place for kids. Tubing down a hill
and with a kids lift so the kids don't have to climb back up the hill.
Actually, it drags the tube back up the hill so it's kid friendly.

I already got some of the kids snow gear. I just need the pants and
jacket but I need to take the kids to the store to size them up
properly. Man, it sure adds up. Back in Hawaii, I just needed shorts
and my board to go surfing. Here, it's gloves, hat, jacket, pants,
boots, goggles, etc.

I don't think my little Acura sedan will cut it in the snow so I will
borrow my friend's 4x4. I know the ex is like the wind and may change
her mind at the last minute so I wouldn't be surprised if she did.
I'll still go cuz my friends are there. It's all good.