2011-01-14 20:29:06 (UTC)

Commuted sentences

As usual, I was watching an ID program and the person convicted of
the crime was sentenced to death. Now I know that I have
conflicting issues with the death sentence, but this particular
entry is not about that. What it is about is if a person is
sentenced to death and for some reason the sentence is to be
commuted, should it not be to life in prison? And not one that would
EVER be up for parole. A judge and jury said that this particular
person should die for the crime he/she committed, to do less than
that would seem to be a gross miscarrage of judgement. This person
was sentenced to die in the custody of justice system, a true life
inprisonment would be doing just that, just perhaps a little longer
than the original judge/jury wanted.

So WHY is this not the automatic treatment? It would seem to do
less, the person would have to go thru a new trial and get a new
sentence. Which then would bring to mind, double jeopardy. Do they
through out the original trial and start all over?

Just a thought for the day!

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