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2011-01-13 19:28:49 (UTC)

Lan-donnn PenPal

I just finished chatting with my Lan-donnn PenPal. He's the coolest.
I met him on an online chatroom. The hubs (then bf) was on
deployment and I had taken to the chat rooms for fun. It's funny
because I didn't hit it off with the PenPal right away; I found him
kinda dull. It wasn't until our 3rd conversation that we actually
started chatting.

We've kept in touch ever since; it's almost a year now! I've
chatted with several people online, but never as long as I've talked
to PenPal. It's probably because PenPal isn't like every other guy-
he's definitely got his quirks. For that reason, it seems we always
have something to talk about. We usually focus on what's going on
in our lives...

He was there to keep me company through the deployments.
He was there after the friend fall-out.
He was there before & after my marriage.
He was there during my transition from college to the real world.
He was there for all the secrets.

PenPal is a really cool guy. Like I said, he's got his quirks. For
one, he's not sex-obsessed. He's got a bit of an artistic side, and
is really into films. He's really protective of his space, and for
that reason, doesn't really like socilizing. He likes the comforts
of his apartment. Cool, calm, quiet. That's probably why I've
managed to stick around; he can socialize with me from a
distance :p Even then, he's still normal enough. He's good
looking, in a long-term relationship, and in a very conservative

PenPal: the never-shifting rock in a spiraling world.
I'd go as far as to say that he's my best friend.

But let's be real, if I were in Lan-don, I probably would've already
tried tapping that ass :P < Not to say that I'd be sure he'd let me.
Gotta give him more credit than that.

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