2011-01-13 01:04:22 (UTC)

Ver, ver Productive

It was a 5-star Wednesday, as usual :DDD

I was kept pretty busy at volunteering today. I was just helping
out as I normally would in the morning. Then afternoon rolled
around, and I was left in charge of hall duty! I thought that was
pretty cool. It was also the first time that I got to see the
clinic caught up on patients. We were done early.

I also managed to get my eyecandy fix for the day. McDreamy was
passing by on his way to lunch when he touched my shoulder and said
Hi. (I hope it didn't tip off my mentor!) When we had seen all the
patients, I couldn't help but go looking for him. He started making
small talk with me, and ended up asking about my career objective.
I could've sworn he was sneering when I told him I was interested in
the allied health field! That ass...
I can't tell if he's the snooty, cool, or friendly type. I can't
quite put my finger on him and it's a bit frustrating.

Apart from a productive day at the clinic, I also helped out with
the bulletin. Then I came home and started doing some planning. I'm
gonna be moving (again) in a couple of weeks, and I need to start
thinking about what I'm going to do :/ Back to the drawing board..

One last bit! I chatted a bit with Bravo. I might be hanging out
over at his place tomorrow if he manages to wake up early. We'll

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