The Laughter Inside My Mind
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2011-01-12 01:18:47 (UTC)

Dear Diary

It's been a few months AGAIN, when will i ever keep up? probably never
nothing much exciting at the moment going on, had the chance to s leep
with someone, but i felt it was too soon after dumping the 21 year
old, weird you say! tell me about it, i've never had one morla bone in
my body before; maybe this is why we were suppose to meet so i could
learn something from it? who the hell knows
Had the docs put me on more meds, anger was getting out of hand again,
now i'm a week free of smoking as well so i guess i am not the female
you want to be i started my diet again,

yogurt with some granola for breakfast..115 calories
Lettuce with some fat free dressing..not sure how many calories, plus
two waters..
I must get my water intake up more and when i run out of yogurt, i'm
going to straight lettuce, started with the laxatives and water pills
again..i'm just tired of feeling how i do and looking like i do, i
know i should be happy with the way i look and curves should be making
me feel good but it isn't..once i lost some major weight again, i
should be happy..once again my friends and family won't know, they
will just think it's from my surgery!! im going to end this for now
and hope i can recall to write more often, or at least keep you
updated with my monthly weigh ins from curves

until next time
much love,

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