the entries
2011-01-12 00:07:33 (UTC)



Im in Hong KOng. Its been most of a week and I've eaten good food and
have hung out with some of my very interesting friends. While in
someways I realise I have grown in different direction to them, I also
feel they still have a great quantatie to share with me. Many lessons
to be learned.

One guy, Rowan, who I feel is like a brother to me, helps me reconnect
to very healthy respect for myself. He also reminds me to be
interested in life, and unafraid of my potential. I feel that with his
help, my trip will now be greater in character and richer in insight.

He is a self medicated man. He smokes bongs and is happy in the day to
day shift life hanging out with people who only stretch him that far,
but I hope tha he finds true happiness in his life, for I am truely
fond and of him and like the way his character fits with mine. He
doesnt mind my sometimes anger at his injust joking and I feel
respected in the end. Like Romon he strips me of my ego, and
reenstalls my pride, my individuality and my amazing strength.

I thank him and send him my blessings, for I feel stronger for this
visit. I shall tell him, but I know that he will laugh, but it is that
loving nature of mine, that I respect now, more fully.

I can look people in the eye again, smile a certain smile for certain
women and that old feeling of hero is returning. I keep being called
cgolden, wich reminds me of my last post, where I told my self to stay
golden and not listen to the negatives and to just not care.

So Im streaming through time toward my future.

My other friend and my bros x, ada. Took me to see a lights show about
the dragons. She explained that this last year, the dragon has been
kept in the cave by the tiger, whose year it was. it is the only year
out of twelve that the dragon does not rule over the rest, and I felt it.

In the light show a tiger lept over the stars and ran toward me,
stopped and looked me in the eye and roared. A few more weeks of his
year than I promise to come back, claiming what is mine! My domaine.

Women in Hk are beautiful. I cant stp yself from falling in ove with
their delicate little bodies. I want to take them home and fuck them
blind, all. But the girl im staying with prolly wouldnt like that.

I dont mind, I have time up my sleeve, a great job to go to. Gav looks
like he's got a bunch of sexy lassies to hang out with. I cant wait to
get into it! Im exhausted of celabasy. I want shags, I want to get out
on the feild and meet my missy that way. Shagging. Being in the
moment and taking what comes, sorting through the women. But keeping
it discreet too. I dont want to be heart breaker or seen as a slut, fr
I'd hate for the real catches in life to be offended by me.

But will see. All I know is that I am a good dude, Life loves me and
my karma is received well. I love me. I know that I can get what I
want done.

The more I think about life, learning from my mistakes and no longer
being afraid to try things the right way, the less depressed I am
about it all.

And its that well deserved happiness that I long for. I have learned
to just relax, ask the universe to look after me and just walk to the
rhythm of life. Relax and see the rhythm of life. It flows and when im
on that ride, I flow too. I cant help my happiness then, for being in
the moment is so great.

Thanks diary.