The Flowing Fire
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2011-01-11 19:45:11 (UTC)


Finally decided to get Moksha registered.
Things never turn out the way u want. Thats because u always want
things to turn out the right way.If one struggles, he /she always
expects the positive results.This is an idiotic philosophy movies,
novels as well as religious teachings has given to man.
Why do we always expect he result to b good always?? Probably because
thats the only thing that gives us strength to struggle. What n irony:(

I met with many ups and downs today itself.
First the meeting with G-league team... Yes, i was the one who gave
that name, ofcourse. It was encouraging. Nishant was the new face.
Seems ok 2 me. But cant judge a person so soon, lets see.
Atleast we r wrking on something.. a nationalcounter strike
championship!!!Never thought of it, bt yeah, its nice. So when i came
out of wave, our meeting place, i was in hgh spirits.
Then i met Anurag.. Gosh, why do I put up with that guy. i dont know..
Maybe because i need him. If he proves useless, i ll happily bid him
adios :D
But for now, i ll hv to bear him. I m 90% sure he is worthless,
useless, son of a bitch, but i can b partially wrong cant i ;)
So, the meeting was really discouraging. THe guy wants fame without
doing anything.. and here I am , making him the vice president of my
society. Dont have much options anyways :( He is a gambit, n i need a
hell lot of luck for this horse to win. Hope so. All the best to me.

Then meeting with Abhinav, a schoolmate. Said he could hv my magazines
printed at half the prices.. moron.. wasted my half n hour. His uncle
said it wd take arnd 45K, when Anurag's link agreed for 30K :P
Well, guess wll hv to use that link only, n hear the boring batters of
Anurag that how grt he is.. pls :(

Well, the last meeting was encouraging.. dhruv, my best friend. Most
of the time, its nice to see him. Told him about my g-league plans. he
seems interested, which is realy a big thing to say, as he is not
interested in anything mostly, hehe.. He need a kick in life... (arnt
we all getting enough as it is :( )
Well, my day nowadays ends with me spamming in chit chat section of
eXbii, a masala forum. There is a general chi chat thread i visit
there usually, though i know thta ppl my age shd visit the adult
threads more P
I chat with frnds in NHB.. feku, dookie, numba, coolbreez n all.
Evrybody mast... or so they seem.
It s so surprising to see that how a profile with an alias name can
help to overcome the usual U. One cant tell how's age is what?? Well,
thats a good thing anyways. I shd lessen my visits to xb. wastes a lot
of time.. wel, i ll try.

Grt day ahead. hv to gather all the address proofs of the people i m
taking in my society as mai members, so that registration may b
completed :P Entering into legal wrld, lets see what happens...

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