Book of secrets
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2011-01-11 09:04:37 (UTC)

I'm gotta tell you ...

I'm gotta tell you that the reason why i write my diary here is that:
- even if somebody from my school or one of my friends read it they
don't know that it's me!
-probably everybody who reads that ... it's the choice of the readers if
they like it or not and if they laugh at me .. the don't know the
reader so i first have to like the reader, do i?

So you see it's the perfect alternative for a real diary because you
don't have to worry about ...

i feel so bad today ... again :)
normaly i have school now but i to sick ...
so i lay here and and write my diary but don't really know that i
should write.
so i wrote this silly things up there !!!
i can't tell you something special because i don't go to school so
nothing really great happens and will stay first
and when i'm back at school it won't change much so better stop
reading this diary for ever now... it's better for YOU