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2011-01-10 23:07:23 (UTC)

Got a reply from woman I asked out

Well, after Cutie turned me down last New Year's Eve, I figured I not
waste any time. So of course, I pick the prettiest woman in our group
to ask out. Yeah, I know chances are very slim. So with that, I bought
lotto tickets too. lol

Anyway, this woman is way out of my league in looks but I've always
been lucky. You don't get anywhere sitting on the sideline so I
figured wtf? Give it a try right? She will probably say no but not
asking her out guarantees you won't get anywhere.

However, I'm a little nervous and don't feel like hearing or reading
any bad news tonight. I'll wait till tomorrow to take a look at it.

On another subject, my friend asked me if I wanted to go to a meeting
this Wednesday. It's for people interested in becoming a foster
parent. I'll check it out. Sounds interesting. Maybe I can be of some
use in this world and give something and do something positive instead
of wasting my time and effort on you know whom.

So, got my fingers crossed. Wish me luck folks. :)

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