2011-01-10 15:22:05 (UTC)

dammit love

what should i wrote .. i'm doing what i'm not supposed to do after so
many warnings. i feel ashamed but i don;t know how to control myself. :/
blame it on this bloody heart i have which beats for him and he claims
and reciprocates similarly. why the hell! i wish i could have a clear
picture of what's in his mind and get to know whether he's actually
different than the rest or not
he texted me yesterday 'i love you and i'll prove that to your mom i
promise you'
and i was speechless didn't now how to react
sometimes he's too sweet to not believe sometimes so wild .. whenever
he's with me

he masterbates :/

that's really odd and awkward but i cant fulfill his sexual pleasures
i'm not here to do so. just once we made out and that costed me a lot
(broken trust of mom)

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