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2011-01-10 01:43:01 (UTC)

Red-bottom Update

Okay. Last post for tonight!
I just have so much to say, and I've been out of internet in what
seems like forever.

I met up with Bravo this weekend. Bravo was my college buddy- we
had one or two "slumber parties." We had talked earlier in the week
and he mentioned meeting up for drinks. We set the date for Friday.

When Friday came around...
I drove over to his place, where he whipped up a guy-friendly meal
for dinner. We ate and did a little pre-gaming. He used the time to
ask about my relationship with the hubs. He was also curious about
my side fun in college. I KNOW he was measuring up his chances.
After dinner, we headed down for the bar. It was packed, but
ironically, helped create some intimacy. All the flirting was
pretty innocent in my book. We danced a little. He would put his
arm around me or lead me through the crowd. Honestly, it's not
something that would weigh down on my conscience.
We left the bar and headed to a small, Mex restaurant for a quick
bite. Then we headed back to his place, where I chilled for a while
before making my way back home.

It's almost frustrating. We've been doing this same dance for about
2-3 years now. We're close enough to comfortably flirt with each
other, but we've never kissed. We've never had sex. Strange.

Nothing happened this Friday, but as with anything else, we'll see
how it plays out in the future. We're supposed to be keeping in

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