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2011-01-10 00:53:31 (UTC)

McDreamy Rant

On a different note, volunteering last week was great! Aside from
keeping pretty busy, I also got to see McDreamy...

He was the first one to greet me in the back clinic as soon as I
walked in. He has the most intense gaze. It could mean one of
three things:
1. He's taking the opportunity to really check me out.
2. He's looking for some type of reaction from me.
3. He's noticed how I turn into a babbling idiot around him, and
he's really just looking at me stupid. Concern, maybe.
---I'd like to think that the odds look pretty good... best 2/3

He was also the first one to ask for my help at the clinic. When I
agreed to help, he responded with, "You're the best!" He really
knows how to flatter a girl (i.e. me). But I think he might be like
that in general.
As I was helping him, I took the opportunity to check him out. It's
the only time I'm at liberty to look at him as he talks because he's
not looking directly at me. He's talking to the patient.

In that time, I confirmed that he has colored eyes. They seem a
grayish color (look great w/his dark hair). I've also confirmed his
first name, sewn on his lab coat. I also couldn't help noticing
that he has delicate-looking hands.

I also saw him at lunch time for the 2nd time! I am POSITIVE I
wasn't just imagining the following:
---He walks into the room, and right away he picks me out from the
crowd. He smiles straight at me---
Agh, I probably would've mustered more than a twitch had I not been
eating with my mentor. I hope he didn't take it as a shoot-down.

He was one of the last people I saw at the end of my volunteering
shift. He made another flattering comment.
Now I know why cute guys are meant to be assholes, and not sweet-
talkers. A combination like McDreamy's is darn criminal. They'd be
able to talk any female into anything!

Give me the word, McDreamy. Give me the word.

P.S. Where has Dr. Eyecandy gone!? He disappeared all of a
sudden!!! Will try asking the mentor- maybe HE knows.