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2011-01-09 11:13:49 (UTC)

my self-instinct?

writing your heart out in a diary (public) is like telling the world
about your feelings and what you're going through with a surance that
it'll still be private.
don't know whether i should talk to him or not but my heart is
constantly checking out his no. in my cell.. put my finger on his name
just a touch away, and i could hear his voice but.. something is
stopping me.
stopping from contacting him.. what's it?
my self-instinct! may be. not sure. but i guess. nohing else can be
or may be the trust which i had already broken of my mother's by hiding
so much that little more lie and it'll collapse..
which i can't afford to as she is the most wonderful thing in my life
and disrespecting her means killing myself with brutal knife.
why heart and brain has to be two different things and can;t give one
mutual answer. i'm so stuck !