Book of secrets
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2011-01-09 01:35:20 (UTC)

fears mixed with dreams = sad girl

I'm just going to copy something I wrote in my real Diary !!
Dear Diary!
Today was a just normal day again. That will be the boringst Diary ever!
But that's my life. Boring. Come on let's play the game : Describe your
life with one word!! Boring!!Lory is not at home. So I can't talk to
anyone.I always dream I get a role in the ampire Diaries and become a
14-old Teeniestar. Famous ... my life become esciting. When I tell
myself then that something like this will never happen. I'm even sader.
ecause everytime I write down my wishes I could write "become famous".Or
that my parents don't think I'm crazy when I start to talk about that.
I'll stay unseen for my whole life! One of those many people.It's a
really grappy feeling if you know that the greatest wish in life will
never come true!
So maybe some guys are born to. But when somebody win another have to
lose. And I am , and I will always sttay the loser!!
Lovely send (if you can write it like this)from Germany

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