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2011-01-08 12:27:58 (UTC)

I guess the Ex has made her decision

Well, I've tried calling and emailing multiple times to talk about the
kids with the ex. I more than attempted to communicate with her. Her
communication style always sucked but this is an obvious attempt to
avoid communication with me. So,with the very limited responses I get
from the ex, I told her I will back off and that we not communicate
for awhile.

I don't want to assume but I'm sure her psycho bf is not wanting me to
hang with them. He wants to be the dad. So be it. For some guy wanting
to be the "dad", I think he's a hypocrite since he has biological kids

One of them was a boy and he left his child less than a year after
birth to be with my Ex.
Then I found out later he had a couple of daughters from a previous
relationship that he stopped spending time with when the kids were
around 10 yrs old.

I see his intentions are just to pretend so that he can be with my ex
but if mh ex is that stupid where she doesn't put her children in
front of her own stupid thoughts ,then I wash my hands from all this.

Anyway, I'm done with the games. I told the ex if she wanted me to
walk away from all this and leave her new family alone. I'm too tired
for this and ready to walk away from this permanently.

This is a new year and I refuse to bring old baggage from 2010 to this
new year. I'm done with that bullshit. There are many other people
that appreciates my time and effort. Why the hell should I waste it on
a losing cause?

So I feel bad about the kids but I cannot take full responsibility for
all this. Life is too short. I told the ex that her bf is going to
fail her. I'm man enough to see that if there is another guy that is
really nice, then I would admit it. This guy is a loser. I told my ex
that let time run and she will find out for herself. I just won't be
around to help them out.

I dunno. Maybe if I let time run, maybe I'll have a different train of
thought but I don't want to waste my life on feeling miserable so I
intend to make the most of the rest of my life. Looking for more
positive outlooks.

2011, here I come!