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2011-01-08 18:40:17 (UTC)

Ted Bundy

I was watching "Twisted" on ID and it was on Ted Bundy. Here is one
of my questions....if we believe in child savants, why can't we
believe in the opposite? Some children are born extra-ordinarily
bright, or talented, we hear about this all the time and usually
have no problem accepting this. So why not children being born
evil? Is it because they are children? Is it harder to believe a
child could be born evil?

I knew a child, when I was a child, that loved to torture animals.
Someone who's parents bought him a chemistry set one Christmas. He
then set upon injecting frogs and other small animals with various
combinations of chemicals. Is this evil? Does this mean that boy was
born evil? Or just chose to be bad? To what extent do we still argue
nature vs. nurture? If a child is born bad, to an environment that
is bad, is the child destined to be bad all their life? If that same
child is born to a nurturing environment, does the child turn out

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