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2011-01-08 16:15:46 (UTC)

change in me

i was an atheist .. before all the shit that had happened to me
or i should consider them as a god sent warning to keep my actions in
check from now on and be a better person
as i wrote i was an atheist didn't believe in any kinda religion i
used to go to temples and poojas but nothing came from within
but on 24th the day mumma gotta know everything
i felt so low
and that was d day i realised what a mess i have done to myself and my
that was the day i started to change myself
that was the day i started believing in Jesus (yeshu)
i always had some kinda connection with church and christ from
but on that day .. i asked mom lets go to the church
the day before christ was born
so we went to the church and to my surprise (ofcorse i was gloomy
there was a band performing in the church in front of the Cross on
carols and prayers.. the lyrics of them were going on in a wall by
the aroma and the essence was so amusing that it left me dumbstruck
i started enjoying the songs and i too joined them singing.. there was
a lady (Judy) who came to me and mumma and asked whether we were new
here and we said yes then she asked us to join them for games and
i thought it must be a small fair but after the singing and all the
enjoyment there were two fathers (i suppose) one of them named
Rajkumar shared his experience and how he started believing in christ
and had a re birth
similar to me.. i too had thought of giving birth to a new me from
that day onwards.. i really loved and admired his real life story :)
after his lecture :) which was really nice (he talked of god being
constant and humans being ever changing etc) they asked us (all
youngsters) for the games.. i was new there and everybody knew each
other but it was so amazing to see people coming upto us to talk and
like Naomi she came to me and we were partners in the caterpillar very
stupid game but fun !
after the games session there was bonfire thing.. everyone sat around
the bonfire (about 40 youngsters)
and there was singing and dancing.. basically singing funny songs yet
religious with actions and the actions were like so hilarious .. had
an amazing night
although i was sad and everything should have sounded melancholy to me
but thank god i went there and rejuvenated myself. after that we had
dinner (yumm!) chowmein, munchurian chikn and potato stuff!
i loved it.. and from now on every Sunday i'm thinking of going to the
church service!
JESUS CHRIST u rock ! :D

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