Stories of A Girl in a Green Dress
2011-01-07 02:27:15 (UTC)

I woke up in a bad dream...

I woke up in a bad dream. Its kinda weird you know, when you wake you
will not much remember your dreams.. My sister wake me up early in the
morning, 6am. Today is a school day but I don't want to go to school
because of my eyes, my eyes is kinda blurry so i need to have a check
up in an optometrist. :O I want to wear degree glasses because i think
its cool. hahaha. Anyway, now I'm just alone again here in my Grandma's
house and typing in here. hahaha LOL.
Today, my grandma handed me a letter from someone else. She said, "Your
Uncle saw it first, and then he opened it(arrrrgh!:)."
I never thought there will be a person that will send me a letter
because it is a long time ago where people send letters.. Today is just
text or emails or calls.. but this? it's kinda mysterious then I open
the card I saw a green bracelet and my nickname is in there so I was
curious about it then I read the letter saying sorry to me.. And then
know I know who's that person.. And oh! The letter is just last
December! so it's really here and i didn't notice it for a loooong
time! :O