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2011-01-06 20:34:17 (UTC)

Oh dear god, i'm depressed.

Father always lets me down.
Brother is a tit.
Mother is letting me down a lot recently.

All my friends back in Lancashire are letting me down, loads.
"I'll come visit you. Be getting on the train in like 10 minutes"
*20 minutes later*
"You on the train? :) :)"
*2 hours later*
"You want me to come to the station?"
*10 minutes later*
"At the station"
*Hour later*
"Ah no way sorry, can't come! Gutted :("

This has happened a fair few times.
CBFA with people who always let me down
pretend they're my mates but never give me the time of day.

Hate this feeling so damn much.

Only occured cause i'm going Lancashire on saturday and said to my best
friend (apparently) for 6 almost 7 years and she won't even give me an
hour of her time and spend the £2,50 for the train fare.
If I was getting the train it'd be £20 IF i could get away with a
childfare. :|

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