An Everyday Diary
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2011-01-05 15:50:51 (UTC)

Lizie's Diary #7

Dear diary,
HAPPY NEW YEAR(S)! haha It been so damn long since I last wrote on
here! I'm sure it was one year and half for sure? XD Sorry I
completely forgot about this site!

well a lot happened of course, but I was and I still am single T.T .
But since I'm going to Jake's house, (my crush) I might ask him when I
find theright time.
I got a new adorable puppy named Rockie which right now is rolling
over my carpet because he's bored lol, I had total of 15 cats but now
my dad gave some away so I only have 10 cats, my favourite bunny that
I had since I was 10 ran away while I was on holiday with my crush and
I got a new one for ''pay-back''

BRB, I'll go to Jake's house now lol, I'll finish later.

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