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2011-01-05 09:35:34 (UTC)

Total player! GARRR

She doesn't even think she's playing. But totaly has had my heart on a
shoe string. Now I know her agenda and can deal.

That chick I fucked on new years just wants to leave it there, yet has
been flirting with me since. Telling me I'm sexy, stayng up late with
me every night. She said she just wanted one night.... So why was she
still flirting with me so hard. and In a way that suggests she really
likes me.

So last night she invited me to her bed to watch a movie and snuggle
up. We watched one and naturally I went in for the kill. And got
totally rejected. I fell pretty hard and wrote this poem.

Stay broken golden boy,
Stay broken and do not care.
Wether she is the one,
Or wether she is for once only,
Stay broken
And do not care.

I think that best explains how I feel about things. I feel that wether
it was conciouse for her or not, she was just manipulating my
feelings. That pisses me off.

I think that when you decide to have a one night stand with someone
and leave it at that, you shouldn't make movements that leave
misleading thoughts. She just got a kick out of her pussy power. So
fuck her. And all women. Now I'm in control and I cant help but see
everything they say to be utter gobbaldy goop rubbish, designed to
fuck with you. Women are just animals, who respond mainly to emotion
as aposed to reason and good ethics. Unless men completely run things,
nothing will get done.

So my new years resolution is to get shit done. As much shit as a man
can do, and women can get fucked unless they genuinely want to fuck
and can deal with me making the decisions.

over and out.

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