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2011-01-05 01:42:22 (UTC)

A Review of 2010

I've been looking over my New Year's resolutions for this last year,
and I'm pretty happy with my successes. I'd say I covered most of
what was in this list. Not to mention that this was one of my most
eventful years--- graduated, got married & baptized.

Here's how my list measured up...

I moved back in with the fam, so I managed to get in more bonding
time. However, I missed out on the first half of holidays and
celebrations. I also wish I would've made the most of our Christmas.

I had a fall-out with some close friends, and I really wanted to
focus on bonding with my new clique. I wanted to spend as much time
as I could with them, and make the most of my remaining college
days. I did everything with these guys: ate lunch and dinner,
worked out, partied hard, studied hard. I definitely walked away
with some great memories.

My primary focus was school. I was gonna graduate early even if it
killed me, and I did! Although I jumped through hoops trying to
graduate early, I managed to pick up my GPA and walk away with a

I yearned for a connection with a higher power. I wanted to dig a
little deeper into my spiritual side. I never expected God to bring
me back to the Church, and I never expected to get baptized. It
didn't exactly follow plans, but instead to a life of it's own. Now I
feel complete.

I wanted to strengthen my relationship with the hubs, and I ended up
getting married! That was another surprise. I got my first taste of
family life together. It was sweet <3

I'm not gonna lie...
I totally FLUNKED my health resolutions. Overall I'm pretty
healthy, but there are some concerns. There was a point when I was
10 lbs over my normal weight. Since the summer, I've lost the extra
poundage. I didn't work out as much as planned. I've fallen into a
Coke addiction these last few months, and now I think my kidneys are

After graduating, I feel like I've reached a stalemate. I've made
no progress on my post-grad plans. I'm not running around full-
throttle like I usually do, and it feels strange. I'm only starting
to get used to it. This is the first time in over 5 years that I
don't have a job.

Overall, it was a great 2010 :DDD I wouldn't change a thing.

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