2011-01-05 08:25:11 (UTC)

1/4 tuesday

-woke up by calls again; rushed out the door to pick up yung from hotel
-Mao lunch--the bamboo rice dish is not that good
-office after and interviewed a guy but he is a Tiger; trey's fd came
to get $ for him and yung asked him if he wanted to work; i taught him
some things and seemed like he is a quick learner and has the passion
to work--hopefully he will be better than wei and then i can focus on
making $ from karaoke
-bought quizno on way to drop yung off; since j is in the city with
his friends, i decided to go Imperial spa for the first time to try
out; it was clean and the scrub is nice--maybe i can make it once a
month thing
-picked j up on geary and came home