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2011-01-04 22:00:25 (UTC)

Stop. I'm not your number one enemy.

DAMN. I want a boyfriend.
Thing is, I always seem to go for the bad guys that treat me like a
princess but then behind my back - sleep with other girls and treat me
like some call girl or something.
I'm saying that like i'm a whore.
To my friends here i'm not but back home i'm a virgin /: Can't really
wriggle out of it now. Just they all seemed to not be so when they
asked I told them i'd slept with my ex, Jake. Oh dear - I hope they
never meet him, mainly because he now has pink hair... Wow I sure do
pick them.
- Last boyfriend attempt was with my ex, who cheated on me and asked
loads of my mates to strip on cam and flirted with them. Freak.
- My last ex - kinda, called Danny had anger issues and recently tried
to kill himself because the only reason his last girlfriend took him
back was because her mates where flirting with him and she got
- Ex before that, Jake. Make beliefs that he's got an alter-ego or
'another side, a darker side' which is a Russian drunk called Dorian,
Dorian dumped me last time because he wanted to see other woman but
Jake wasn't happy about it, so tbh I just stuffed it, cba. I'm not
even being harsh, his parents said there where no cases of it in
family history and the doctors said nothing was wrong. But ALL he did
was complain or have mood swings, it was creepy. But at the time of my
leavers party he was there for me ... <3 and he was THE most gorgeous
thing i'd ever seen when I first saw him, I was like IYA :|
- One before that was Palf... We went out for 3 days and I dumped him.
Why? He called me over 60 times in those 3 days. Wouldn't let me sit
down - unless his arm was around me, wouldn't let me walk, unless he
had his arms around my waist, which of course was brilliant, i loved
it for the first day. Second day, not so much. Third day, GTFO me. :)
- One before that was Aiden, who we've discussed. And I broke up with
him one day before I went out with Palf. Probably another reason why
me and Palf never worked.
Ones before that where er, 'internet boyfriends' we had, Jake Smith -
Burnley, Ryan Stillwell - Scotland, Jake Smith again... and a few
times Doug Dryer who lives in Michigan ... America. Met on a chatroom
:L which r.i.p by the way </3.

So YEAH. Kinda want a decent boyfriend, preferably welsh? Piercings?
Tattoos? Loves DECENT music and doesn't complain about pop music and
such... And likes the occasional cuddle and he makes the first moves.

Is that so wrong?