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2011-01-03 22:51:06 (UTC)

More insignificant email from ex

Well, seems like the ex doesn't want to have that big talk. She
actually emailed my old hotmail account asking why I changed the
password. We used to share it but I changed it since it was mine to
begin with anyway.

In the email, she wants the product key for the office 07 she
indicates she needs for her laptop. It has the licensing for two
computers. She says she needs it to open some files that is on office
07 of her laptop. Well, I'm a fucking Network Engineer and I call
bullshit to that. She just wants to enable another computer that has a
temp 3 month access on it. Probably her BF's computer. How fucking
dumb does she think I am. Trying to bullshit me with IT stuff when I
am in IT. lol

It is 2011 and I didn't want to cause any more stress so I did as she
does. I pretty much just tell her I'll get it later. I of course will
not give it to her. I mean, it's only about 150 to get one yourself.
Get a fucking life why don't she? How much does she want bleed me dry?
haha. I don't care. I am so glad that I learned how to deal with this

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