2011-01-03 01:30:58 (UTC)

Last/First Celebrations


There's something about the New Year that gives me a dopamine rush.
It's especially true this year; so much so, that it's the 3rd day
in, and I'm still pumped up and excited!

New Year =
>Letting go of past grievances
>Embracing past success
>A blank slate

I love it all!

I started off my celebrations early. I went out with Hna and her
friends on Thurs. It was a pretty crazy night.
I started off frustrated because her friends were a hot mess; they
had me speeding and driving all around the city. EVENTUALLY we
found a club that was open and we made the most of our 2 hours.
I got treated to a few drinks- had a nice buzz going. I worked up a
sweat dancing w/the chunts. Hadn't done that in a good while!
Even had a bit of an adrenaline rush when I tried to inch my way off
the highway after a late-night traffic jam. I scraped the bottom of
my car so bad. I thought the bumper was a gonner!
Luckily, it all worked out.

New Year's eve was pretty chill. I hung out with the fam &
relatives. Had some bomb food (yum). Welcomed the new year.
Fireworks. All gravy :D
As for the 1st, it was jammies ALL day.
I never actually sat down to think of my New Year's resolutions, but
I definitely wanna give it some serious thought.

Drafted resolutions coming soon!

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